Strategic alliance between Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau and Promutuel Insurance companies

“Who says one plus one can’t equal three?” says Mark Pedicelli, president of Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau, following a deal signed on November 6th with Promutuel, Quebec’s third largest property, and casualty insurer.

“The insurance industry, like so many others, is in the midst of major transformation. We needed to redefine our position within the changing insurance marketplace and our recent strategic alliance with Promutuel is one step towards achieving this goal,” says Mr. Pedicelli. “Servicing the Mont-Tremblant area has allowed us to develop an expertise in certain niche markets. To maximize this competitive advantage and expand into other markets we needed a solid general insurer to handle the more conventional insurance products. Promutuel fits the bill.”

Mr. Pedicelli cites Promutuel’s business model based on community roots that date back to 1852,  along with their stable pricing, as key factors in the alliance. “Promutuel upholds the purest most fundamental principle of insurance; that being to serve their community. Collectively, the policyholders are in fact the owners of their regional mutual insurance association. Each of the 17 regional Promutuel offices that serve the province of Québec plays a vital economic role in job creation, investment, and building business partnerships within their respective community,” says Mr. Pedicelli, adding that “In today’s increasingly global marketplace, encouraging the support of local business remains a standard we uphold.”

Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau will continue focusing on serving very specific market segments which are not served by Promutuel. According to Mr. Pedicelli, “The more complicated the account, the more we are positioned to be of service and meet the needs of our clients. At the same time, Promutuel will now be our main market for more conventional insurance products. It’s a win-win-win scenario for us, our clients, and our community. This new relationship will allow us to expand into other areas and to continue improving to provide unique products and services to our clients.”