With over 50 years in the business, we have extensive knowledge and the expertise to best serve homeowners, expats and non-residents with their particular needs.

A high value home or a luxurious apartment entrance insured through DCP Creneau damage insurance firm.


Do you have a high value home or a luxurious apartment? We offer a turnkey, customized, personal concierge service to meet your needs:

  • Detailed inspection and residential evaluation at the expense of the insurer
  • Guaranteed replacement cost clause
  • No obligation to replace dwelling and personal property
  • Large capacity to cover all your high value properties
  • Higher limits in legal liability coverage
  • VIP claims processing
  • Incredible coverage for your secondary homes
Picture of an expat or non-resident with property in Quebec that is insured through DCP Creneau Property Damage Insurance Firm


Are you an expat or non-resident with property in Quebec? Avoid insurance headaches when you’re far from home.

With close to 15 years of experience and clients from each corner of the world, we are receptive to the ever-changing needs of the Laurentian community and have built a solid network of insurers in order to offer exclusive products to non-residents:

  • Residential insurance
  • Condominium insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Health insurance

Everything is based on making your life easier.

ou’re a short or medium-term rental residential owner and want to insure your property? Come see us.

Rental units

The rental landscape is changing and insurance for newer markets such as AirBnB requires a particular expertise. For more than 10 years, we have been insuring this type of risk, improving and perfecting an array of innovative coverages tailored to your specific situation.

You’re a short or medium-term rental residential owner and want to insure your property? Come see us. We’ve got you covered!

Property in sunny Florida - a second residence that is insured through DCP Creneau.

Outside Quebec – Secondary residence outside Quebec

Do you own property outside Quebec? Are you worried that your residence in Florida could one day be affected by a natural disaster? Leave the worries to us. We work with international insurers in providing coverage for all types of risks. We’ve got you covered.

About DCP Créneau

With more than four decades of experience in the insurance industry and the Laurentian community, newly incorporated Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau is taking insurance in a new direction that draws on its original essence.

Resources & Prevention

The more you know, the safer you will feel. We’ve collected the best documents and references for your insurance needs. From guides to check-lists and more – feel free to browse these useful documents and don’t be shy if you have questions. 

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