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Our Mission

Créneau’s mission is making complicated insurance simple. We help clients fulfill their dreams by protecting their property.

Our Story

Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau’s (DCPC) story dates back to 1973 when then-26-year-old Ronald D. Cooke founded an insurance brokerage, after having suffered a life-changing accident a decade earlier which left him quadriplegic. Driven by an unwavering commitment to build a business that would contribute to the community and provide security for others throughout life’s unexpected circumstances, Cooke’s successful business expanded in 1988 when his son, Mark Pedicelli, joined the firm; and again 10 years later with the addition of Jonathan Dubé to the team.

Fast forward nearly 20 years to the 1990s: Dubé Cooke Pedicelli is among the most well-established and leading insurance brokerage firms in the Laurentians, with offices in Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Sauveur, Blainville and Montcalm, Québec.

Today, with more than four decades of experience in the industry and the Laurentian community, newly incorporated Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau is taking insurance in a new direction that draws on its original essence. Back to where it all started, with the desire to help people protect their most valued assets against circumstances beyond their control. With the desire to help people worry less, live more, dream big, and enjoy their community to the fullest. In an insurance landscape crowded with products and competitors, DCPC is committed to helping clients navigate through the noise by providing personalized top tier service and insurance coverage designed to fit their unique needs. For DCPC, community-building starts with providing clients absolute peace of mind so they can focus on their dreams and goals.

DCPC is also looking to the future. The insurance landscape is changing every day and Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau is constantly adapting to the needs of the Laurentian community. DCPC is leading the way in redefining coverage; be it for the extreme sports enthusiast, the short-term rental property owner, the condotel manager or the non-resident. Whatever your insurance needs, DCPC has you covered.


Beautiful chalet on the lake adequately insured by DCP Creneau

Our Team

Mark Pedicelli, President

Fascinated by the ever evolving and competitive insurance market, Mark has built his career around finding solutions for clients who, in the eyes of the general domestic insurance marketplace, are considered as non-standard or non-conventional – making the complicated, simple.

Having recently launched the new division in 2017, Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau, Mark’s goal is to service the needs of those requiring specialized insurance products and services. Condominiums and condotels, resort operators, non-residents, and high value residences, are all examples of clients that are served through Dubé Cooke Pedicelli Créneau. With its new specialized division comes the advantage of offering clients full 360-degree access to all their insurance needs, including niche products and services.


Mark Pedicelli, MBA, C.d’A.Ass.
Damage Insurance Broker
1-844-425-5811 #6561
Cell: 819-425-4194


Josée Lachaine C.d’A.A.
Damage Insurance Broker
1-819-425-5811 #2225

Chantal Chartrand
Damage Insurance Broker
1-819-425-5811 #2517

Joanie Lacerte
Damage Insurance Broker
1-844-425-5811 #2245
Cell: 1-819-384-1224

Marie-Blanche Shaw
Personal-Lines Damage Insurance Broker
1-819-425-5811 #2501

Linda Bilodeau
Personal lines and Commercial underwriter
1-844-425-5811 #2230

Nancy Dénommée
Damage Insurance Broker
1-819-425-5811 #2507

Annik McMillan
Personal-Lines Damage Insurance Broker
1-844-425-5811 #2500

Julie Gagnon
Personal-Lines Damage Insurance Broker
1-819-425-5811 #2224

Hugues Mathieu
Damage Insurance Broker
1-844-425-5811 #2248

Christine Jutras
Damage Insurance Broker
1-819-425-5811 #2221

Claims/Loss Prevention

Jessie Rivest
Claims and loss prevention/risk management coordinator
1-844-425-5811 #2222

Carl Pedicelli
Loss prevention/risk manager
1-819-425-5811 #2250
Cell: 1-514-884-3242


Myriam De Koninck
1-844-425-5811 #2221

Stéphane Lussier
Computer Technician
1-844-425-5811 #2255

Caroline Blanchard
Marketing Coordinator
Personal-Lines Damage Insurance Broker
1-844-425-5811 #2508

Danielle Labelle
Insurance support
1-844-425-5811 #2228

Louise Paradis
Accounting Technician
1-844-425-5811 #2514