As part of all residential  insurance packages, our clients are provided with an opportunity to develop their personalized Priority Response Emergency Program (PREP) and a Risk Prevention Contingency Plan that are all part of a unique and free service we provide aimed at responding, mitigating and limiting property damage.

The PREP is a managed, coordinated, and effective response to the immediate physical effects of an unexpected emergency situation. A pre-established system of protocols developed with emergency response companies assures an efficient and effective response to all emergency situations in order to limit property damage. The objectives of the PREP are to:

  1. Initiate contact to a pre-approved emergency response company.
  2. Control and terminate the emergency situation as quickly as possible.
  3. Prevent the situation from becoming a larger loss.
  4. Determine unsafe hazardous conditions.
  5. Enact initial site intervention plan.
  6. Provide details rapport and estimate for reconstruction.
  7. Accelerate the return of the property to pre-claim condition.

The Risk Prevention Contingency Plan is focused on preventative measures homeowners can undertake in order to minimize their exposure to risk. With the guidance of our specialized prevention team the plan also provides homeowners with the tools necessary to work with Security Companies, Property Rental Companies and Housekeeping Companies in order to develop and adopt new protocols for procedures and proactive measures to help prevent losses before they arise.

Please contact us to request your initial prevention package, and one of our prevention specialists will contact you to discuss in depth your specific needs.